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Aoife Flannery
Aoife had been bouncing about all morning waiting for Nick, acting her age for once. Marylou had firmly told her several times that flapping about wouldn't make him come any sooner. It hadn't had much effect, until she had suggested that Aoifego and play on her computer. Aoife had done as instructed - although probably not a lot of people would call learning Visual Basic playing. Aoife does,though.

So, when the phone rings, she's engrossed ina particuarly intricate bit of code, and lets Marylou answer the phone, rather than bouncing up herself.
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Marylou had carried Aoife into the apartment and settled her into bed without waking the little girl - and Aoife had slept right through the night without waking once. This is a bit of a rarity for her. She'd woken early, though - she always does.

She slips out of bed, leaving the covers neatly turned down, and ferrets out fresh clothing. It's so nice not to wear yesterday's clothes. . . even though she could, of course. But not having to is rather the point. So today she's wearing a corduroy pinafore dress with autumn leaves appliqued onto the skirt, over an orange jumper. Her shoes have leaves on too.

She tiptoes through the apartment, looking for the kitchen. She's used to making her own breakfast - maybe Marylou won't mind if she makes them both pancakes. Or waffles. She's never used a waffle iron.
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H'okay, so. This is my take on lj rp. Just because. Bit of a FAQ and how-to for new players.

long-winded-ness under hereCollapse )

What have I missed?
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Aoife's mutation is quite simple, really.

She's smart. Really smart. Terrifyingly smart. She remembers everything; everything she's ever heard, or seen, or felt, or tasted. Sometimes it drives her a little crazy. Mostly, she can control her memory, but occasionally something will trigger a memory, which will trigger the next, and so on, and so on, in a cascade effect. Usually when this happens, she'll start screaming, and not stop screaming untill she's quite literally either throwing up or choking. Usually both. She has been known to run headfirst into walls just to make it stop.

Not only does she remember everything, she understands it as well. The most complex abstract physics are well within her grasp - she takes a theory and runs with it. Whilst she doesn't neccessarily have the terminology, she can understand the theories. She has a fair amount of base knowledge as well - her mother didn't care what Aoife was doing as long as it wasn't bothering her, and they had a full cable service. The learning channels were Aoife's friends.

This has, incidentally, made languages a cakewalk - she's a natural polyglot, and picks up new languages within a few days - vocabulary takes longer, of course, but then she has been known to read dictionaries from cover to cover.
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