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infant_savant's Journal

Aoife Flannery
New York
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Name: Aoife Flannery. On her birth certificate, the name is spelled 'Eefa', but she'll throw an absolute fit if it's mis-spelled. As she says, 'it's not my fault my Mom's retarded'.

Age: She was born on April 2nd, 2000.

Profession: Seeing as she's six years old, she goes to school. When they can make her - Aoife isn't particularly impressed by schools, as a general rule. As far as she's concerned, school is a complete waste of her time. Her teachers think she's slow - she spends most of her time staring out of the window, and rarely seems to know the answers to questions.

Location: New York. She's curently in a care home, awaiting referral to a foster home. They confident they can re-home her - she might be a bit dim, but she's a sweet enough child. She has problems, of course, but who wouldn't, with her home life?

Zodiac Sign/Chinese New Year Sign: Taurus/Brass Dragon.

Hair Color: Brown.

Eye Color: Brown.

Appearance: A slightly pale, slightly skinny kid. Aoife doesn't really care what she looks like, unless she has a reson to make an impression. She'll happily wear the same clothes for days at a time, or leave her hair in pigtails until the knots have to be cut out of it. This is one of the things that was cited as a reason to remove her from her mother - obvious neglect.

Personality: Aoife is a delightful, bright, sunny child. When you're doing what she wants you to, and everything is going her way, that is. If not? She's an absolute horror. She has no compunctions about doing anything neccessary to get her own way. She hasn't killed anyone yet, but only because it hasn't been neccessary.
She can seem slow - but that's because she finds most people totally unstimulating. It's far more interesting to ponder string theory, or calculate pi to an obscene number of places.

Backstory/Family: Aoife's mother (Theresa) was always far more interested in her drugs and her boyfriends than in her daughter - the little girl was left mostly to fend for herself. It never occurred to her mother that there might be something a little odd about a two-year-old who could make her own sandwiches, or navigate the bus to the local state nursery. Or even why the nursery accepted her, when Theresa'd never done anything to secure a place. The paperwork seemed to have been filled in, though, and why complain when it makes life so much easier?
Of course, such full-scale neglect had to come to the attention of the authorities eventually - namely, when Theresa consistently failed to turn up to parent-teacher meetings to discuss her daughter's apparent lack of scholarly motivation. A home visit revealed the state of the apartment - although Aoife's tiny room was neat, albeit bare of any possessions beyond the bare minumum of clothing, the rest of the apartment was an absolute hell-hole.
Further investigatoins having revealed her mother's lack of interest, drug addiction, and total inability to provide her daughter with a caring home, the child was removed. She is currently in the care of the state, awaiting foster placement.

Aoife is one of the mutants, and her powers are detailed here.